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Roman Centurion (1 Century) - ICM 1:16


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Roman Centurion (1 Century)

ICM 1:16




I'm not really a figure modeller but do like to dabble in different modelling genres as it often forces you to learn different techniques. I was offered  this kit to review back in March, just before the lockdown hit. I liked it so much that got straight on with building it, albeit slowly as my bench is always too full of ongoing projects. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and will definitely do more in the future.









And just to give some idea of the size:



One problem was the lack of a decal for the complex shield design. I tried making some 'wings' from yellow decal sheet but they ended up looking like bunches of bananas. I decided to go for a simple lightning bolt design and cut a template out of plasticard to use as a guide to cut around. 



Thanks for looking,





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I was wondering John when you going to get round to this one, mate.


Superb - I would never believe you were not a figure painter as this so good ...........





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Nice work, John. I am currently building this figure. The quality of the moulding is first rate but I have been less impressed with the fit. Nothing of course that some filler won't sort out. I agree that it would have been good if ICM could have produced a decal for the shield. Your workaround is a good solution.



Richard C

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