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Eduard 1-48 P-400 Double Build


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I noticed that in past posts I used to list the paints I used. That's a good habit IMHO.




- Dark Green Model Master 4276

- Olive Darb Model Master 1171 OE (enamel)

- Dark Earth ANA 617 Model Master 4846

White Model Master 4769


I need to look up what I used for the Sky Egg



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Touch up night !


I did some touch ups tonight.

1. I was not happy with the front/right panel that was supposed to be a little brighter green - its a panel that came from a different a/c. I used too much white and it turned our bright green. I also sprayed that (too) light gray on the wing on some spots and it turned out too much.


I re-masked (almost exactly) and re-sprayed:








2. Some touch ups where needed between the underside and the top camo.

    It took me some time but I discovered the paint I used for the underwings was PollyScale 505396 Light Blue 


Next is a coat of clear.


That's it for tonight.


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I had a couple of minutes today and pushed on.


Started with painting the blue band and spinner. The instructions called for light blue but the paint scheme pictures looked more vibrant.

I settled for Tamiya X-14 Sky Blue:





Then it was time to start panel highlighting. I used ProModeller Dark Dirt and Flory Light. The Eduard surface detail is so good that minimal wash is needed, and with a pointed brush it was just fun seeing the capilar effect actually working. I covered the bottom side tonight.


tLlOYcel.jpg n9UcXfNl.jpg



That's it for today.


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Well, the two P-400 are out of the paint booth.

Spent some time finishing up the panel line washes.


It is time to go back to the build itself and finish up the final details.

I decided to prep all the parts that attach to the fuselage before hand so I can decal without things protruding (and breaking off).

First order of business, per the instructions, were the PE details of the doors.

Pesky PE @#$@#$@. I would like to meet the guy who designed some of these sub-micron parts. Specificaly all these knobs that come as a two-fold part since they are painted. Better to cut in half and hand paint the other side.




Then the canon mufflers - a first time for me. Skipped the annealing (shouldn't have) and used a 0.9mm needle as a tool.




Then the rest of the items on the FLG:





All went well up to the last MLG's. The carpet monster ate the cissors. I promised no AMS but had to scratch it this time.


4lO0CK0l.jpg OjNUJMql.jpg


Done for now.

I'm trekking this week so decaling will commence sometime next week.




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  • 2 weeks later...

Time for decals.

I decided to start with the stencils. This is the first kit I build with so many stencils - feels like an F-4  ;)




Doing two kits is more then double the effort - as these are the SAME freaking stencils all over again. The 2nd kit did went down faster as I developed a method.

The decals are GOOD. The only need 5-10 sec in the water and in most cases went down really well.


I used this to hold the kit:



And also found the PDF version of the instructions very usefull as I could search for the stencil number:



I did found the stencil numbers to be annoying as they disintegrated and soiled the decals themselves. I ended up cutting them off before putting each stencil in the water. 

xdSgXGwl.jpg 32jBxaZl.jpg


WuUFZ1rl.jpg ZCPeQkml.jpg



So, after three sittings this is DONE. Moving on to the nice decals. 






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When the stencils are done.... you'll find a couple you missed :) 

I applied those and then went on to put the 'real' decals. These also went down fine.

A quick look on the state of the build now, before it gets to the final stretch of bits and pieces. 


kH8LIJol.jpg H4MFHR0l.jpg








Not all went well:


1. This: 


was fixed since the spare box (the other kit's decal sheet in this case) had the perfect replacement. One advantage of a double kit.


2. I found out I painted the blue strip (horizontal stabilizer) of the WRONG kit. It should have gone on the kits planned for paint scheme E and was instead painted on the one getting paint scheme B.

    I'm currently debating if to take out the airbrush and fix it or just leave it alone. My mind says - just leave it alone, my AMS nervous system - well you can guess. We will have to see. 



That's it for today.



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"  I'm currently debating if to take out the airbrush and fix it or just leave it alone. My mind says - just leave it alone, my AMS nervous system - well you can guess. We will have to see. "



Well, can you guess how did that turn out ??




Clue #1 - 



Clue #2 - note the tails.


Clue #3 - 



Final clue:


UuvilgWl.jpg 3318TjFl.jpg


AMS got the better of me



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Done at last !


Spent some time in the last days pushing the P-400 pair through the final stages of adding bits and pieces.


9LTt1gKl.jpg kW3qIMil.jpg


AeYVkmIl.jpg qBil4Dll.jpg


Found out I clipped the wrong MLG door - the one I painted dark gray as part of the paint scheme for "the resurrection (B)" and the one I have to put on has the wrong color. AMS dilema once again -  should I paint if over or just ignore it and 'who will ever notice?". Guess what happened (again)??




To my defense I can say that the fact that I had a spare decal (double build to the rescue once again) was part of the decision process. I used Tamiya XF-22 RLM Gray, the same as the underside of the left wing. 





After adding EZ-line antenna cable, removing the masks and gluing what's need to be glues - the pair are DONE.


"The Resurrection":



pZIKU6pl.jpg CYAa40Ol.jpg





















They are both off to the model cabinet:




I spent a long time, any many hours, with these two. Enjoyable most of the time, and a lot of fun learning about the P-39/P-400.

This was my 41/42 building project, and it included a couple of 'firsts"


1. First Double Build - a first also in terms of actually buying two kits to build two models 

2. First Eduard ProfiPack

3. First very detailed PE fret, including first time rolling up a pe part into a barrel.

4. A complex paint scheme - with panel painting in addition to a camo scheme

5. First time masking a camo scheme with Tamiya mask 

6. Several painting mistakes that were corrected with re-painting

7. First time getting the nose weight correctly :)

8. First time with a BIG stencil sheet.

9. Reinforcing the fuselage sides with plasticard to support better closing of the fuselage


Known 'issues' :

- I lost the gun sights

- Decal silvering on too many of the decals

- I over sprayed some light green on parts of the wing

- Some little PE parts were lost and never got it to the model itself

- Antenna cable too heavy and too crudely attached.


That's it for a most enjoyable build. 


Comments are welcomed as always.



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Well done, marvellous to see all the detailed pictures and the lovely commentary. I can imagine that it must have been very annoying losing  he gun sights. I lost a part of my present work in progress model, Me 262 A1. It was the little back bracket that goes inside the middle glass of the cockpit.


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