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Travel Case - In Development

Andy G

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There are many times at exhibitions where we've heard people say that they love our products but they don't have a workshop.  Well, we're now working on a range of travel cases.  It's early days but we thought you'd like to see what we're working on and feel free to chip in with thoughts and ideas.

The initial thoughts are to produce cases based around A3 and A4 cutting mats, i.e. the removable front will be sized so that it can support a mat.  The interiors of the cases will be customisable to cater for the different paint mixes people use and personal requirements.  Drawers will be available to store the paints as per the existing range and also in plain format.  Cases will have a carry handle.  No decision has been made on the material yet, either MDF or plywood.  Ply is lighter but more expensive and crucially not usually flat unless braced.  MDF weighs a bit more, isn't as strong but is normally flat, or at least the wood we've been getting is.

Here's an early build of an A3 sized case.  Whilst the frontal area is just over A3 size, the depth is around 185mm.




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