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H Builds “Dakar Racing Hawk” FINISHED

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And it was all going so well


The Humbrol Hemp I used as a base for my Caunter scheme, was just awful, refused to dry properly, all sorts of trouble. So, I used some Tamiya Aircraft Silver, which reacted with the Humbrol and crackled. :angry::angry:

That was wet sanded back, but the Humbrol had sunk into the panel lines, so they needed rescribing, and then rubbing stubborn paint with paint thinners. Who knew that paint thinners and Tamiya’s extra thin cement don’t mix? 

Now the wing has dropped off!!!!

A change of plan is needed, but it won’t involve chucking it in the direction of the bin........ yet!

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I was sad to read about the issues you have had with your build, buddy. I hope that you get them sorted, paint can be a pain when they are not drying. I don't know what thinners you use for enamels, but I would give Coloucoat or Hannants enamel thinners a try if I was you, I think that they have a naptha base and that helps the paint to dry a bit quicker, alternatively, give Revell's Aqua Color range a go. The colour choices are not as wide ranging and sometimes you have to mix a number of colours to get the correct shade, but in this case I am sure that you will find something close enough for your needs. The Revell Ju.88 A-1 that I built for the B of B group build was entirely brush painted with Aqua Color paints, and I am in the process of doing the same thing on this Tornado.




I am sure that you will soon come up with a cunning plan and have it sorted out, so stick at it matey.


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Just few final things to tidy up and she will be done. 

First the Emergency pod carried by all aircraft in the race, ejected from the pylon when the ejection seats are initiated  

Thanks to @stevej60, you may recognise your decal from your Sea King build  


A final sneaky peak before the gallery photos



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