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1/144 - Boeing B-52G & H Stratofortress by Great Wall Hobby (GWH) & Pit-Road - B-52H released - new B-52G variant in 2021

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Just got the kit in my hands from Lucky Model.  Very nice detail, and it looks like they got the vast majority of the antennas and lumps and bumps included.  Packaging is nice too with a cardboard “shield” protecting the antennas molded on the rear fuselage half.  Main “nits” that I see are the engine bypass outlet at the rear of the fan section is molded solid, no representation of the flare dispensers on the horizontal tails, and the round GPS antenna in top of the fuselage is too large in diameter and too tall.  Also surprised that they included all of the seats, including on the lower flight deck (which are totally invisible), but didn’t include an IP decal.  A SNIPER pod option would also have been nice as you only get the LITENING pod.  The inclusion of AGM-129s is interesting as they were retired in 2008, while the decal schemes are 2016 and 2017.  Overall looks like a very nice kit, and a step up on the old Revell kit.  If/when Academy releases their kit, it will be interested if to compare the two, especially if it’s the same quality as their B-1B.

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2 things:


- I see Tomytec do 1/144 weapons sets including AGM-158 JASSM; does anyone know of other manufacturers who offer it (perhaps Eduard will downscale their Brassin sets?), or is it going to be a case of modifying the AGM-129s provided? The Tomytec set is long OOP sadly.


- Is anyone aware of where a decal sheet for all serials exists, or whether one is planned?


Either way, looks a lovely kit and I've ordered!

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  • Homebee changed the title to 1/144 - Boeing B-52G & H Stratofortress by Great Wall Hobby (GWH) & Pit-Road - B-52H released - new B-52G variant in 2021
On 4/24/2021 at 4:31 AM, Homebee said:

Next variant will be - ref. L1009 - Boeing B-52G Stratofortress

Source: https://www.luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?item_no=GW-L1009






Bit of a mismatch in armament and markings, unless there are some additional tooling changes/optional parts not shown.  All G models modified for carriage of the AGM-86 ALCM had 'strakelet' fillets added to the wing roots as a treaty verification measure to allow the ALCM carriers to be readily identifiable by satellite photos (the H models were all ALCM-capable but the larger bypass section on their TF-33 engines were sufficient as a distinctive identifier).


58-0183 Valkyrie was an ALCM airframe, and one of the vaunted 'Secret Squirrel' birds that launched from Barksdale with the then-classified conventional warhead AGM-86C on the opening night of Desert Storm. So she should have the strakelets fitted.




The other two options shown are non-ALCM birds, thus the standard G/H wing roots are correct but obviously not AGM-86s.

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