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Musical Instruments (35622) 1:35


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Musical Instruments (35622)

1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models Ltd




Humans are a creative species, as well as a destructive one.  We’ve been making music since prehistory and with our penchant for using tools, we’ve been making instruments for just about as long.  This set is brim-full of instruments, and contains enough to make an orchestra, although it would be a fairly odd one.  It arrives in a shrink-wrapped end-opening figure box, and inside are two identical sprues in grey styrene, plus a small piece of white paper with sheet music printed on it for you to cut out and use. 







On the sprues you can find the following instruments:


  • Accordion – open (Piano Accordion)
  • Accordion – in case (Piano Accordion)
  • Harmonic – closed (Button Accordion)
  • Harmonic – open (Button Accordion)
  • Marching bass drum with sticks
  • Trumpet
  • Guitar
  • Violin in open case
  • Violin & bow with closed case
  • Mandolin
  • Banjo




Construction of the individual elements is simple, as you can see from the instructions, and they will stand or fall on their painting.  Treat them as individual models and you’ll be good to go.  As there are two sprues, you should have plenty of instruments for a number of projects, and the detail is just right, needing only a few additional straps where appropriate on the accordions and drums for example.


Highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of


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5 hours ago, roginoz said:

Wot !! no bass sax !!!! No bass anything !!


For shame !!


4 hours ago, Paul Thompson said:

No flute, so doesn't count.




6 hours ago, Chief Cohiba said:

No Les Paul, no Strat, not to mention Gretsches or Rickenbackers. Pheeew...

(Kidding - these look great).


Told you it'd be a weird band! :lol:


21 hours ago, Basosz said:

That's pretty useful. What music is on the sheets?


Ummmm.... Beeth oven?  I don't read microscopic music, or normal sized music for that matter.  I'm a listener, not a player :dunce:

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