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Westland Lysander Mk.III (SD) (72024) 1:72


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Westland Lysander Mk.III (SD) (72024)

1:72 Dora Wings via Albion Alloys




The Lysander was developed by Westlands in response to an Air Ministry requirement form and Army Co-operation aircraft in the 1930s.  After interviewing pilots it was decided that field of view, low speed handling and a Short Take Off/landing aircraft would be needed. To accomplish this the Lysander would feature a high mounted wing with a large glazed cabin. The wing would feature fully automatic slots and slotted flaps. These would be complemented with a variable incidence tailplane. These would bring the stalling speed of the aircraft down to 65mph. 


The Lysander would enter service in 1938. However it was found that even when escorted by fighters the slow aircraft was an easy target for enemy fighters. Of the 175 aircraft deployed to France 118 were lost. After the fall of France other uses were sought for the aircraft though Coastal Patrol and further Army Co-operation were ruled out.  due to the lack of aircraft in general Lysanders would fly patrols in case of invasion and would be equipped with light bombs if an invasion ever came.  However this was not to be the end for this aircraft. Lysanders would be used as an interim aircraft for Search & Rescue carrying liferaf continers on the stub wings. In 1941 the RAF formed No. 138 (Special Duties) Squadron with the aim of delivering SOE Agents and supplies into occupied Europe,  The Lysanders remarkable low landing speed and ability to land on unprepared surfaces made it an ideal aircraft for this role.  Lysanders used in this role would feature no armament, a long range fuel tank, and a fixed entry ladder. A few aircraft were also used as Target Tugs.  Overall 1786 aircraft were built including 225 manufactured in Canada.  


The Kit

A new tool Lysander in 1.72 has been sadly lacking and thankfully Dora Wings have now resolved this. This is a new tool kit on five sprues of grey plastic, a clear spure, with resin and PE parts supplied. A good touch is the inclusion of masks for all that glazing! The kit second kit from Dora Wings is the Mk.III General use aircraft. 






To start off with the sub assemblies for the engine, internal fuel tank, and tailplanes are made up and put to one side. The engine is quite detailed for the scale with many parts making up the finished part. The internal frame structure for the main fuselage is then built up.  This can then be installed in the main fuselage and it can be closed up. The glazing and rear part of the fuselage are then added to the main fuselage, the fixed boarding ladder is added, then the engine and propeller are added to the front.




The main wings are then built up with the flaps being added. The main landing gear is then built up. There are 4 part main wheels with covers to each side of the wheel spats. A solid tail wheel is provided with its yoke. The wings, tailplanes, and rudder are then added to the main fuselage. The wheels spats and with braces are added along with the stub wings and their bombs to finish things off. 









The decals are from Decograf and look good with no registration issues, there are four decal options provided;




  • V9441 - 309 (Polish) Sqn RAF, Dec 1940
  • V9618 - 754 RNAS - RNAS Arbroth Sept 1941
  • T1636 - 276 Sqn RAF- SAR Duties 1942
  • V8547 - 277 Sqn RAF - SAR Duties Spring 1942





This is certainly a kit modellers of British WWII aircraft in 1/72 have been waiting for. Very highly recommended.


Available in the UK in most good model shops.

Review sample courtesy of


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  • Mike changed the title to Westland Lysander Mk.III (SD) (72024) 1:72
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     It seems decals for 276Sqn have the wrong serial, I see no record of T1636 with 276

,but there was a AQ-H , T 1696

  But if anyone knows better I would love to be corrected 





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