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1/48 Revell Tornado ADV 36° Stormo, Gioia del Colle, Aeronautica Militaire.

At Sea

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resized_e6b75013-3732-4373-bddb-7f07425eHere are the decals, common Tornado ADV marks, the Italian Typhoon kit donated so stencils in the language d’amore & the RAF low Viz stencils match the pink on the Mark1 decals.


Here we go!

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Really great progress and so glad you decided to join in. It looks like you'll be finished before me!

Good to see the Italian F3 with its RAF history as well.

Great Stuff.



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Undercart on.

Weapons on.

Tanks on.


Given tanks are shared items, and to break up an all grey jet I painted one in Humbrol enamel Barley Grey 167 and the other in Tamiya Royal Light Grey XF-80.  The Skyflash caps should be white and not grey, but I pinched these out of the spares box so there.



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Here she is!


36-10 for your delectation.

Thanks for watching & I enjoyed your encouragement and comments. 👍
















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Great effort there and great to see an Italian F3 in the Gallery.

Really glad you joined in at the 10th hour. See you did finish before me after all.



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