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1/48 Revell Tornado ADV 36° Stormo, Gioia del Colle, Aeronautica Militaire.

At Sea

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Better late than never, and thanks to the twin miracles of horrendous weather at sea and Amazon Prime I made it!


I have decided on the Italian Airforce scheme for the Tornado ADV in my Mark 1 Dozen sheet.


What better way to 'enjoy' this time of year than by thinking of sunnier climes!


Lots of info here:




Should help me turn this:




Into this:



Credit for the photo to the Aviationist blog liked above.

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Nice to see an Italian F.3 getting some coverage (even if it isn't a JASDF scheme) and hopefully you've enough time remaining to investigate the alternative build methods many have adopted. Welcome along :) 

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In the spirit of OOB building here is the cockpit using the kit decals.




And I have started by following the 'Nathan' Technique.




Very neat & fuss free so far...





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Normally my builds of this kit have ended up like this, then sliding the nose on:




So it will be interesting to see how this improves on that.


I will however be using my pylon technique:




Slice the pylon 'bit inside the wing' off.


Then sand excess away:





And finally add to top of pylon, giving a good positive location for the Pylon.  





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So researching 'my' Tornado F.3 it turns out she was built in 1990-1991.  Build number at Warton was 859/AS130/3418 and taken on charge as ZG735.


1991 - 1994? as CO 5 Squadron RAF

1994? - 1997 as AZ 56 Squadron RAF

1997 - 2004 as 36-10 MM7232 Aeronautica Militaire

2004 Struck off charge at RAF St Athan and sadly scrapped.


If anyone know any more of flew in her or worked on her I'd be interested to hear about it.















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Some real progress.  I should have taken a picture of the 'collars' that go above & below the engine (parts R222 & R223) which I do my own thing with.


I build the Stabilators and insert the stub parts before they go on the airframe.

I then attach the stabs to the airframe and glue them in their intended position along their whole length. before adding R222 & R223.

Then I put R223 on first.  This is because it is the top part and needs to fit best.

This then allows any sanding or finessing to happen to part R222 and this hides all of the seams and joints and any ill fitting underneath.


I then added my 'Euro' nose weight.  





I love how 2 Euro Cents fits perfectly!

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I've also added my intakes.


I have a trick for these as well.  I cut off the horizontal tab as shown:





Next the intake ramps get fitted, I have posed mine in the down position which is incorrect but hides my unpainted intakes.

I then fit the outer part and this allows me to do any sanding etc etc on the inside not the out side to get a fit.




The outside then fits nicely.



Lovely short shot there!  You can see the dimple which corresponds to the horizontal tab on the other side.


And lastly I can fit the first step of the intake ramp as a separate part, this will need a little filler but at least it central and not off to one side.




Filler & sanding stick ahoy!


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  • 2 weeks later...

Righty ho!


got back ashore again 10 days ago, then the wife had a week off work, so now I’m back at the bench!


Updates to come. 

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My first nod to aftermarket, Pavla resin seats, with 1/2 the casting block left on to ensure they are the right height, well the brave Italian cavalieri dell'aria will need to see out!

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Apologies to paint purists.


laid down a base coat of Halfords Ford Polar Grey.  Will decal & then weather this & hopefully achieve the grubby look of an Italian in service Tornado!



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