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Lysander - Naval / SAR Colours

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Looking at the new Dora Wings kit they give the colours used by RNAS & RAF SAR as Dark Green / EDSG over Sky?

Are these correct?





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  • Julien changed the title to Lysander - Naval / SAR Colours

No.  The Temperate Sea Scheme was Dark Slate Grey and EDSG over Sky.


The RNAS ended what the RAF was formed.  I gather that some of the Admirals wanted to revive it in 1939 (and maybe attempted to) but the term used then and now is the Fleet Air Arm.  RNAS would stand for Royal Navy Air Station.

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Thanks for the colour info, I know about the RNAS I typed that as I was looking into RNAS Arbroath at the time!

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55 minutes ago, Graham Boak said:

I don't know when their Lordships actually gave in and admitted that Fleet Air Arm was to be the real title - you may even have been strictly correct for the period.  Bit of a double-take however.

AIUI Fleet Air Arm of the RAF was officially formed on 1 April 1924 and remained in existence until 24 May 1939 when control of it passed from the RAF to the RN. It then officially became the Air Branch of the Royal Navy. But the FAA designation refused to die and was used unofficially by its personnel during WW2 and postwar.


Postwar (1947) the Air Branch of the RN became the Naval Air Arm then Naval Aviation before their Lordships conceded defeat and reverted to FAA again officially in May 1953.

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