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Absolutely superb! Can't fault it! That paint job is perfect. The whitewash is....well.... perfect. Loads of lovely detail and those figures - amazing. Well done 👏 👊 👍


Nailed it.



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Once again Fabrice a dense and beautfully detailed dio with all parts being of an equally excellent standard.

The Telegraph lines move it to a different level - I bet you were pleased as to how they turned out B)


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I liked to see that!


Touches of creativity with French advertising posters. Also in the position of the soldier "keeping an eye on the rear" ....


Highlight the snow in the right amount and Bigcat's winter camo. Dio of many details, I loved it ....


My regards,

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Outstanding, just wonderful diorama Fabrice!

Don't know how I missed this first time round, the attention to detail, as usual, is remarkable. the figures, groundwork and building are first class, so much detail and character. The KO Jagdpanther is tremendous, the crack in the armour, the scorched paintwork all tremendous!


Really enjoy seeing your diorama/vignette, brilliant work.

Thanks for showing 


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This is awesome.  Any tips on the white wash camo  always put me off doing asp any tips welcome.   

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