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Does anybody have experience with A&A Models?

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Evening all,



Just came across this brand at my favorite online shop, up to now have never heard of them. 


They seem to be related to Modelsvit (have no experience with those either) and the models they have seem to be mostly rather special/forgotten types, making them quite interesting.


Before I splurge on one of their kits, does anybody have any experience with them? Build quality and such?

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Modelsvit have a good reputation but they are not for the inexperienced. I believe A&A is their less detailed brand using older moulds. Probably be fine but if you're buying from Dave Coley their customer service is 2nd to none. 

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That are short run models, nice and unique, but more for experience modellers.

See here some in 1:72 from my workbench:


Helwan HA-300-001



Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF)  Truck AA-60



EWR Süd VJ 101 C-X2




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Thanks for the replies so far guys. I am no longer really inexperienced but I don't want to waste time cursing at a crappy kit while I have a few nice Tamiya kits waiting in my stash haha.


I had been looking at getting their Yak-23DC, according to Scalemates that's a new tooling. I might just give them a try!



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Problem with sticking with say Tamiya or new Airfix is you never learn new things it's just following the instructions and gluing parts in the right order. I recently built an Airfix B5 Kate it's a lovely model but I then built a Chorosy Modelau Breda B28 resin kit and enjoyed it a lot more.


I have learnt a lot in the last year by building mainly short run kits or ancient kits. Nothing like matching parts that only vaguely resemble the instructions 🤪 or fit together only with the aid of a hammer. For the ultimate learning experience build a vacform kit if only to learn new swear words.

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I have their Yak-23UTI and it while I have not built it yet it clearly is a short fun kit. Means expect to dry fit the parts before gluing and maybe having to adjust the components to make them fit nicely but they are for sure not crappy.


If you want crappy then I think about the first short run kits I've built more than 15 years ago with when I began to broaden my subject matters (early Special Hobby, MPM, FM, ...). They were quite rough but I earned my skills building them which still helps me today.

Today's short run kits are much nicer, often on par with traditional kit makers and especially Modelsvit are among the best there. So if they have something which piques your interest, give them a try.




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I have the Helwan HA-300 and the EWR Süd VJ 101 C-X2. Both beautiful kits in their respective boxes, but I haven't started them yet. Airfix Model World had an article on the HA-300 which you might look up. I don't recall the exact issue offhand, but I do seem to recall that there were no major issues with building.

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1 hour ago, Space Ranger said:

Airfix Model World had an article on the HA-300

Jen Wright ( @desmojen who used to post on Britmodeller) built it to a nice standard in the Feb 2019 issue (#99). Looks like a rewarding build with few problems. The magazine also is worth having  for the historical notes on the HA-300.

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