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4 hours ago, Andy Dyck said:

Absolute stunning for a 1/72 model. Very excellent finish. Perfect! 
my cudos 


best regards 


Most definitely agree!

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Wow! Best GR3 build I have seen in recent memory, and the Esci/Italeri kit is still the best overall in the scale, in my opinion. You, sir, are a model builder, not an assembler!


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A very nice Harrier,  looks lovely!


Just a few small criticisms. I think its let down a bit by the poor AIM9G's. The heads should be a dark metallic green,   The missile body should be white , the band on the rocket motor should be Brown and the Rollerons on the rear wings should be metallic in colour. In fact as its depicted on the ground they should strictly have the yellow "Noddy caps" fitted, they were fitted on engine shutdown and removed on start-up, but everyone misses that anyway.

If you fitted RBF flags to the pylon stations as well that would really make this already excellent build really pop!




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