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Started in the late 1960's

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I'd like to think I've had a excellent childhood, I come from a family of five, had traveled half way the world by the time I was 8 and lived on RAF fighter bases till I was 16 and my father took us to every base family day that we could go to.

Like a lot of aero modelers I started with the airfix spitfire purchased with my hard earned wages of 7 bob a week and that came from a milk round and the Sunday paper round. I continued building plastic kits of various makes and type till the mid 70's when I switched over to radio controlled models of all genre. Had a break from modelling in the late eighties to throw myself out of some perfectly good aeroplanes which ended around the turn of the millenium. the last 20 years, (that makes me feel so old) I've been busy cycling, scuba diving playing mechanic to my daughters rc car racing exploits.

So that brings me up to the present time, I will ask forgiveness now for any stupid or annoying question I might ask, but if you don't ask you might never know is my belief, and thanks for allowing me to join your forum.


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Greetings from Western Canada.


I,too, started kit building in the late 60's. I can still bash one up as bad as I did back then.





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Welcome, I started around '63-'64, bout the same time frame. There are no stupid questions,

but sometimes be wary of the answers. :wink:---John

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