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Anyone got a 1:35 Chinook to hand, need to know the size of a part!

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Greetings knowledge hub!

I have a bizarre request. I've got a 1:35 Super Frelon and the instrument panel is horribly bare. I have seen a 1:35 Eduard etch fret for a Chinook and i think i could make use if the parts of that fret but i dont want to invest $20 and find out its too small or too big. So if you have the kit could you measure the height and width if the face of the instrument panel please. If you have the actual etch parts the size of the panel on there would be more than helpful.

Many thanks in advance!


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1 hour ago, Wafu said:

Hello Bob, the etch fret for the CH-47 is 49mm wide and 12mm high. 

Hope this helps?

Thanks for that, very much appreciated. It does help, unfortunately only in saving me 20 bucks 😄 its about 10mm too wide, so back to the drawing board.

Many thanks once again!


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