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Purists look away now! 1/48 Spitfire IX which is definitely NOT MH434.

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After kitbashing my VII (which I was quite pleased with) I reckoned the left overs would make a good MH434.  So off I set and intrepidly built the cockpit according to pictures, no armour but a gun sight etc etc.

Lovingly tended to all the seams, trimmed and filled and flushed the .50 cal stubs, carefully painted it and then realised the over wing cannon bulges were completely the wrong shape.  I used the 'fat' early ones not the slim 'later' ones.




So I then brooded for a bit and thought I always liked the Spitfire Vb with US stars and the Day Fighter scheme, so I'd use the left over Eduard Weekend US markings and build something to look nice which is wildly inaccurate.


So here she is!  I left the remains of the RAF roundel on the wing tops after I removed the decals because it has a nice painted over look.

'Doris June II' dropped the Doris.


But here she is, I like her. 


Annoyingly it's sometimes the flights of fancy that come out better than the carefully researched projects!












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That is soo coool! Love the "flight of fancy". Looks quite convincing, like something you would see in a film that would get historians up in arms but make a fortune at the box office.

3 hours ago, At Sea said:

I like her

I like her too. Something about the roundels just looks right

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