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1/48 Revell Sea King, Westland HAS.5

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Many moons ago I picked up a 1/48 Revell Sea King (Hasegawa re-box) for £18 on eBay with mangled decals and a tatty box.

Sometime later if I remeber correctly Crisp @Ex-FAAWAFU send me some spare sponsons and a radome he had.


This sat lying around for ages waiting and I thought 'To hell with accuracy, just build it!'.  Decals from my spares box, RAF blue grey made by mixing up tamiya acrylics until the got the right hue. 

The Cab number 57 is completely my own invention, but the underwing serials from a spare Phantom XV575 were about the right size and fitted.  


So here is my 'on-the-cheap-ghetto-Westland-Sea-King' which will one day no doubt have it's tail rotor up-graded to the correct 6 bladed item and have the missing aerials and lumpy bits added.


It was fun, it looks good with my Wessex in my FAA display cupboard.

















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Looks wonderful to me! I'd be perfectly content to leave it just as it is ... but then I'm not huge on accuracy (most of the time) so if it looks good to me, I leave well enough alone.

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1 hour ago, junglierating said:

Cab number 57 is completely my own invention,


Think that would be an 824 side number...matey....looks fab 😃

That's good enough for me!  Thanks. 

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I just realised I missed a de-icing stripe on the barn door.  There should be 3 chevrons.


Easy to add as they were only masked and the dusted over with some Citadel Corax White.

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