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Grob Astir CS-77 - Kovozávody Prostějov - 1/72


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My new project - looking easy to build Grob Astir CS from Kovozávody Prostějov. I've chosen polish markings - SP-3703.


Firstly I filled places for bottom air brakes - Grob Astir have only upper! Additionally I cut and shifted ailerons.




In second step I glued fuselage halves, cut hole for wheel and add butt floor.




Next I modified a seat and instrument panel shape (SP-3703 have different panel than others).



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Holes for air brakes drilled




During gluing wings I realized that something is wrong... Too much sanding ?




Fortunately it was easy to correct




Tail was glued without so problems




After few layers of Surfacer and some sanding whole thing starts look like glider.



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Nice build, brings back memories. They had a couple of these at the gliding club in Detmold in the 80s. One had the very humorous name of "Fred" painted on the nose (Fred Astir, I'll get my coat). The canopy hinges were notoriously weak and you had to be carefull opening them to avoid cracking the fibreglass. 

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Thanks Colleagues for yours comments and memories :) I'm trying to build gliders but under two conditions: 1st is scale - 1/72 only, 2nd is Polish registration (I mean at least one was registered in Poland). Based on those conditions I can: a) collect up to 10-12 gliders' collection OR b) in the future I will have to scratch some ;) .


Going back to Astir. I tried canopy to fuselage... Instrument panel is too big...




Unfortunately border around canopy was also too wide (compared to hole in fuselage) so I filled and sanded a bit again... Oh, and canceled backlash between canopy and fuselage using HIPS plate




After all I polished the canopy and currently it looks (or maybe only fits) a bit better :)



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