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Eduard Zlin Z-37 Bumblebee

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As soon as I saw this advertised I knew it was one for me. And I wasn't disappointed. A lovely little kit (well actually, you get 2 in the box) with exquisite surface detail throughout. I know there are other companies that also do it but this is by far and away the best.

Quite fiddly at times especially the photo etch but worth the trouble.

No less than 12 colour schemes are provided along with a very substantial instruction book which is full of very useful photos. Anyway, highly recommended and thanks for looking. Oh, and the resin crop sprayer pilot comes along too.













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I’d seen one of these in the local hobby store a week or so ago. Seeing one built up, i think i might have to go back.. neat build...


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Agricultural aircraft look kind of cool. I would welcome more kits of these types. Your model and display capture very well the nature of this aircraft and its mission. 

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