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Kaman Seasprite SH-2F - Airfix 1/72 - HSL-33

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This is my take on what is really a rather nice little Airfix kit of the Seasprite and still the only option (for the twin engine version) in 1/72. I think this kit was produced just before one of the several Airfix bankruptcies in the 80's (when it was owned by Palitoy?). I don't think Airfix produced any new tools up to this standard for quite some time afterwards. 



The kit goes together very nicely and the only modifications were some scratchbuilt mirrors to replace the clunky kit one, and some modification of the landing gear as most aircraft seem to have the landing gear covers removed and these are rmoulded into the gear legs on the kit.  Courtesy of Britmodeller Robert an extra drop tank was also added as this aircraft usually carried two rather than the one provided in the kit.



All over Gunze Aqueus Engine Grey was used for the colour scheme and the decals for this HSL-33 machine largely came from the Microscale sheet on the Seasprite, again with some modifiication to the code numbers to represent an aircraft of which I could find actual photographic evidence. Getting the striped decals on the tail surfaces was quite traumatic!!





Hope you like!!







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3 hours ago, Pat C said:

Getting the striped decals on the tail surfaces was quite traumatic!!

Hopefully you're recovered from this Pat, ;) :D it was worth it what you went through, it looks stunning.  :)


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Wow!! That looks really good. Nicely done!

I have it in my stash and indeed it looks like one of Airfix's better kits from back then. Hope mine comes out as well as yours (when I get to it)!



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I never even knew that this kit was produced and I wouldn't have immediately picked up from the images that it was 1/72nd scale.  

Your model indeed looks excellent.  Those helos and that squadron in particular were a common sight in my life decades ago.   

Thank you for bringing those memories back to the surface. 

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