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1:48 Eduard Pfalz D.IIIa double build

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Hey all!


A while ago I finished a WnW Pfalz an, even after several months of moving, remodelling and job hunting, still have the itch to make more Pfalzes. As a result, I'm going to do a double build of Eduard's 1/48 Pfalz. 

I've found one of their Dual Combos and plan to do them mostly OOB. I'll be modifying bits here and there and adding the odd bit to make them more accurate.


I'll be making the 'White Horse' Pfalz from Jasta 5;



and 4202/17 from Jasta 30:



I won't be using the kit decals for 4202


First I had to make some modifications to the standard kit. This started with opening the MG panel just fore of the cockpit:



Then I shortened the floorboard and added a few bits of styrene for the fuel gauge and compass mount,



...and shortened the ammo boxes. I also added some styrene to the back to thicken it out a littl.e



PE and a mounting plate was added to the guns



Support beams were added to the underside of the seat



a few small additions were made to the engine. I'm not planning on making it super detailed since it will be mostly hidden.



The linen cover of to the back part of the fuselage was made from styrene.





Once everything was painted and washed, I threw the glue around. 







Now I just have to do that all over again on the second Pfalz.

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