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British Sherman III - Sicily 1943

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This was initially started a couple of years ago but I have the Covid-19 lockdown to thank for getting this one over the line. I've never really done a vignette or diorama but have always wanted to do so, and therefore a lot of what you see here was done as experiments and trials.

The model used is the Tasca/Asuka British Sherman III and despite having the Mike Starmer book to hand and finding no fewer than three photographs of the actual tank, I still had to use to some creative guesswork in certain areas when applying the camouflage pattern.

I have depicted the model in the light mud/blue black colour scheme of the Sicilian campaign but it is entirely possible that the original tank was counter shaded in dark green. The blue black pattern was brush painted on.


The markings came from the kit but the roundel on the turret was replaced from an old aircraft sheet. Most of the stowage on the rear deck was stuff I had in my spares box.

The figures are from Royal Model, Bronco, Ultracast and Hornet and after seeing Britmodeller user Bullbasket's Sherman Shelf Queen thread - https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235067170-another-shelf-queen-finished-sherman-lll/ - I decided to copy him and give my tank commander the same Hornet head he used. My one is nothing like as well painted though.

This is my first time posting work to the Britmodeller forums so I hope you enjoy looking.
































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