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Meteor F8 decals for 'Winston'

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Quick question; are there any decals to make the 1 TWU Meteor 'Winston' from the 1/48 Airfix kit?


I'm assuming this aircraft may have had a few different aerials, etc to the 50's Meteors too.

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I don't think the aerial fit was very different in the latter years to that which was fitted in the 1950s, the only exception being possibly the VHF blade type aerial on the upper fuselage. One other thing to remember though is that the DSG/Dk Green camo pattern on Winston was reversed to the standard for the F.8, the reasons for which escape me now. No idea about 1/48 decals but I built Winston in 1/72 some years ago from the MPM kit using a sheet from Xtradecal I believe. Here's a picture I took of the model just after I built it.




Good luck finding what you need.



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That's a cracking rendition of Winston @canberraman! Thanks for the info, I had no idea the camo pattern was reversed, that would have been confusing in the reference photos!



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Thanks @Blacktjet, I had no idea of that - great photo too, it looks like a really well made diorama! 


Once I'm done with this USAFE phase I may well be tempted to make a start on Winston.

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