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Universal Carrier 15th Scottish Division

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Dear Colleagues


The Universal Carrier was a truly British vehicle.  No other nation in WWII had anything quite like it.  Capable of bringing up ammunition under fire, evacuating the wounded and leading assaults, it was the maid of all work for a Commonwealth Infantry Battalion.  Riich make a lovely example although don't expect to complete it in a weekend!


Having read the book 'Lion Rampant' about life in the 6th KOSB I had to choose this one from the Riich decal sheet.  Yetholm is of course on the Scottish borders.










Hope you like it?



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Lovely build there 👌excellent light in those photos to. 

I have this in my stash. Got it for the rediculous amount of detail. What was it like to build? All those fiddly bits worth it? 



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Yes, the figures are Miniart


The main thing I recall with the build is patience.  Don't recall any fit issues, less fiddly than Miniart.  Bless them for length and link tracks.






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Excellent model - one of the best carriers I've seen. The figures and groundwork are top notch too.


I've always wanted to do one of these but have been put off by the tiny track links.

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