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1/18 Hawker Fury


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thank you chaps, very kind :)


I am calling this one done...
















































thanks to everyone for dropping in and taking a look or leaving some encouragement :)


K2902 of 1 Squadron was lost in a mid-air collision with K2901 on 17th December 1937 near Rowlands Castle, Hampshire. Both pilots, Flying Off (Acting Flight Lt) Harry Hamilton Peck (aged 26) and Sgt Robert Edmund Patten (aged 26) were killed. I hope to display it in Tangmere Museum as a tribute to them


Thanks again & until next time





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Peter, you have surpassed yourself with this one. The Fury as a modelling subject just cries out for type of modelling and engineering skills you posess and here we see the result. It is quite simply, magnificent. 

It has been an absolute pleasure to follow you with this build and a real education along the way. 

What's next I wonder? I for one just can't wait to see........ Don't forget my suggestions a few pages back😊

Have yourself a nice rest before you start the H.P.42 next week !!!!!!😁



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You have got to be proud to have this finished and looking superb. Every time I look at a picture another bit of detail pops out that would have missed by most of us, even if we were daft enough to attempt it. Your work is a pleasure to follow along with and can't wait to see what's next.




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Another speechless on here, and that doesn’t happen very often .

I would love to see this, and your other masterpieces live, but as that’s not likely to happen now, I will have to be content with the photos.

Stay safe.



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Oh Wow oh Wow!!

I can't think of anything adequate that would sum up how fantastic your work of art is.

It's a complete joy to be able to sit here and gaze at your photos and to try to take in all the tiny details.

Thanks for all the fine work you put on here and please keep it up if you can, as it's completely inspirational and

just a joy to behold.



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Just Awesome! What a superb build!


We have on display at Sywell a 1/48 Fury scratchbuilt by a G Tidman in 1941 - I will try and get some pics  - The control column moves the control surfaces!


But this is just another class - surely you're going to enter it into the Nats?



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What a journey you’ve taken us on 😃.  The photographs are easy to mistake for detail photographs of the real thing which is a credit to your photography as well as your modelling. Thank you for taking us with you and congratulations on your build. I must get myself over to Tangmere at some stage in the future.

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Just the most incredible scratch building, attention to detail and realistic result I've seen past and present in modelling. No contest. That also includes your previous builds too. All have set the bar so high that it's difficult to see how this hobby could be taken further. Take a bow Peter. Next Telford double champion. Thanks for allowing us mere mortals along on the journey and wonderfully fitting that the Fury will find a home at Tangmere. 


Got to say, you've had an uncanny knack of choosing my all time favourite subjects so far. Spit XIV, P-51B and now the Fury. If it continued to follow my top ten, then a Hawker Demon, Heinkel 51 or a nice B-26 Marauder would be next. Doubtful I imagine, but if you do decide to venture on another build, it'll clearly be another masterpiece.



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21 hours ago, dogsbody said:

Wow! That's like looking at photos of a full-sized museum Fury! All those details are fantastic!


Exactly why I'm saving the photos to use as reference for my 1/72 Fury, unless I decide just to quit the hobby and take up crochet.


The workmanship and fidelity to scale just boggles the mind. This should be a Grand Prize winner in any exhibition of scale models anywhere on the planet.

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