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DFS Olympia - AZ model - 1/72

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DFS Olympia was a glider projected for Olympics 1940. Unfortunately due to IIWW this type was used rather for training new pilots than for sport competition. After IIWW some of gliders were abandoned by Germans on territory of Poland. 21 of them were restored and used. SP-390 was restored in Gdansk and flew in Malbork.


As a basis I used an AZ model kit in 1/72 scale. I've added few parts in cockpit (invisible at the end), aerial brakes and printed own set of decals.


Enjoy watching :)
























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Nice work. Some were built in the UK. One regret about my gliding days is that I never managed to get a flight in one. They were said to be a delight to fly.


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5 hours ago, Pete in a shed said:

That's a pretty little model. Never done a glider but that may change! Interesting background history, I often wondered what happened to all those gliders.




Pete - some time ago I've built Grunau Baby II  (not the best model but...) also with similar history. You can see that wing and fuselage have different numbers (both are from different gliders). If I good remember this glider flew in Jezow. White squares covers swastikas; Polish Air Force signs are used because Russians knew it (and didn't shut to planes with it).




Rest of colleagues - thank you for nice words :)

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