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Mirage PZL P.24F Greek

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Does anybody know, what kind of parachute Greek AF used in 1940?

This kit got a padding in a pan, as well as in the back of their seat, which is wrong - this, or that.

I believe, Poles had a back chute, and RAF had an under the backside one,

Doing a kit for a friend, so I'm trying to do my best. :-)


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Above photo is showing a kind of pillow to seat on it, so parachute in this Bulgarian PZL P24 was on back, not to seat on it.




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Thank you for your interest and replays.

vangos - looks like I have to rebuild that seatpan to the empty bucket 😅, where I knew it will be one, or the other. No sweat.

JWM - that's Bulgarian (rather then Greek) for starters, then, as a testing airframe, it was tested by Poles (I guess), with their back chutes.

Do we know, what type of chutes Bulgarians were using?




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