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New 1:24 Airfix Spitfire mk1a

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3 hours ago, Mancunian airman said:

Talking of re-releasing 'Vintage Airfix' what about the 24th Harrier ??

I built one of these donkeys years back and have never seen any since . . . .


I suspect it was/Is the only large scale around at the time . . . .


There was also the 1/32 Revell one from '72, which got a reissue last year 



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4 minutes ago, wellsprop said:

I wish Airfix would release a new 1/24 Spitfire, the Mk I and Mk IX!


It seems odd that they made a new tool 1/24 Mosquito, Tyhpoon and Hellcat before a Spitfire.

why? They already have a 1/24th Spitfire....  And considering it was tooled up 50 years ago,  a decent kit. 


As is pointed out on here periodically,  'we' on here are a very small part of their market.  Of note many of 'we' already have several kits stashed,  and a common bit of advice is to look out for an older issue when the tooling was crisper, so even with this issue, I doubt many of 'us' are going to be clamouring for one.

At least now they have stuck 'vintage classic' on the box so folks may get an idea it's not a modern kit.


What would have been a good idea when they added some bits to do Vb, would have to have added some useful missing parts as well, like a main spar and wheel well sides.

Actually....  that maybe something you could do some 3-d printing for, though I suspect a main spar maybe better from some photo etch that folds into a rigid box....

Or, some 3-d conversion parts, given that the resin Mk.IX conversion is long gone.... Now they would be be a boon and a saleable item to the more dedicated ;) 


Just to be clear, I'm not very interested, I built one during xmas 1976,  now in bits in the shed, and have the main part of an old tooling, that came from the local tip in the late 70's from a family friend who used to regularly scavenge there.

If/when i do anything in this scale it'll be Hurricanes,  which I'm sure comes a wild card left field suggestion from me,  or the Typhoon I got a few years back, and I only bought that when I found one for under half the retail price.....  







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1 hour ago, Troy Smith said:

why? They already have a 1/24th Spitfire....  And considering it was tooled up 50 years ago,  a decent kit. 





Great post Troy except for the bit above. I must campaign and get such comments banned. They just remind me of when I bought kits as a teenager and just how ancient I am getting. :clif::D  Just sayin it’s an old mould is fine to these ears ;)

I was wondering though what with the advent of 3D printing whether it might get cost effective to do cockpits and wheel wells plus other corrections/ upgrades more economically than might have been the case in the past?  There are now 1/32 upgrades for Revells venerable Beaufighter. 

I was aware the Airfix Hurri had some shape issues but I have not heard the same about the Spitfire 1. Droopy wings though. 

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Hi guys,

i can understand why Airfix would re-spawn this old kit for another go around. The argument for milking the molds for every penny is valid and i'm sure Airfix will continue to sell these venerable old favourites so why wouldn't they?

Just imagine though, a 1/24th scale Spitfire done to the same standards as their Typhoon and Hellcat. Oodles of crisp, delicate engine and interior detailling. Body surface rendering and modern engineering for things like the main spar.

Doesn't it just make your mouth water? 😃

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