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2021 GB Bunfight Poll

2021 GB Bunfight poll  

198 members have voted

  1. 1. Please vote for your favoured groupbuilds here. A maximum of nine votes per person please.

    • Small Wars Take 2
    • Anything But Injection
    • The Mighty All-American Aircraft Mfg Co GB
    • Yanks Abroad
    • 90s NATO v Warsaw Pact
    • British AFVs through time - A Two Era build
    • Stranger In Town
    • Cars, trucks, bikes and AFVs
    • French Fancy 2
    • Arctic and Antarctic GB
    • High Wing GB
    • Less Than A Tenner 2
    • Double Deckers
    • None in this section
  2. 2. Please vote for your favoured groupbuilds here. A maximum of nine votes per person please.

    • Shimmer, Shine, Digital and Splinter
    • Bristol Aeroplane Company
    • Africa GB
    • A Kit You Didn't Build As A Kid
    • Racers: classic, current, and Show-offs of all kinds !
    • ANZAC GB
    • V Force GB
    • Unarmed GB
    • Blitzkrieg GB
    • Intermarium GB
    • Nordic II GB – Ragnar’s European Tour 2021
    • BeNeLux GB
    • Gliders and Tugs
    • None in this section

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  • Poll closed on 11/30/2020 at 11:59 PM

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On 12/26/2020 at 3:39 PM, Enzo Matrix said:

Erwin Schrodinger was driving along when he got pulled over by the police.  After after looking at his driving licence, the policeman asked hm what he had in the boot of his car.


Schrodinger replied "A cat". 


The policeman asked him to open the boot catch. Schrodinger did so and the policeman opened the boot.   "This cat is dead!" he exclaimed.

I just have to add the Heisenberg joke.  

Heisenberg is driving down the road at speed and is pulled over by the police . He is asked to show his licence etc, after which the policeman says ‘mr  Heisenberg Do you know how fast you were going’ to which Heisenberg replies ‘ no but I know exactly where I am’

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3 hours ago, Marklo said:

I just have to add the Heisenberg joke. 


Feynman, Einstein and Schrödinger walk into a bar. Feynman says, “It appears we're inside a joke.” Einstein replies, “But only to an observer who saw us walk in simultaneously.” To which Schrödinger says, “If someone's looking in the window, I'm leaving."

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Oh yes, the joys of Quantum physics.  Not sure I entirely agree with the Copenhagen thing, but then again it does make the maths work.  Now try and get your heads around string theory. 

Alan Dean Foster does actually use it in one of the latter Pip and Flinx books btw so it’s starting (albeit slowly) to work it’s way into popular culture.

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Paddy is being interviewed for a job on a building site. The foreman interviewing him assumes that because he's Irish he won't be that bright.


"I'm not convinced you're the man for the job Mr Murphy," he says. "I mean, I bet you can't even tell me the difference between a girder and a joist."


"Well," says Paddy, "Goethe wrote Faust, and Joyce wrote Ulysses."

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