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Willy Stör Winning M 35 (B.F.W. M 35 - HUMA 1/72)

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Hello everyone!


I've finished my last model which is acrobatic Messerschmitt from the 30's produced by HUMA. The shortrun kit is of very poor quality but the plastic was very easy to sand so the work and scratch building was really pleasant. I started the Klemm 35 from the HUMA too, maybe I will post it here when there wil be right moment. This machine really goes well with the acrobatic Avia Ba.122 of the Czechoslovak origin which I built a long time ago. I would like to thank to my frien Pavel who made the decals and masks for this machine. They will be  available in the link soon https://www.hobbyshop.cz/shop/cs/9_apc-decals
There is the link for work in progress:

And now the photos!


P1570110 P1570107 P1570097 P1570093 P1570135 P1570132 P1570112 P1570108 P1570100 P1570114


P1570115 P1570116 P1570120 P1570121



P1570127 P1570126












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