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Iranian F-5E ejection seat question


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Hello old_tonto

I am not an expert, but fortunately some of the other BM members are. So take a look at these models:

I have no idea if AM Martin-Baker IRQ-7A seats are available in 1/72. I would speculate there are AM ejection seats on the market, that are similar enough so they can be converted to IRQ-7A without too much trouble. Cheers


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On 11/10/2020 at 00:09, old_tonto said:

I've read that Iranian F-5E & F-5F Tigers use Martin-Baker IRQ-7A ejection seats. Can any F-5 experts out there confirm this? 

Also does anyone know if a 1:72 resin example is available?


Thanks in advance.

Hello old_tonto
The nearest MB seat that I can suggest is Aires Martin-Baker GQ-7A seat ( # 7146). with few modifications it would look like Iranian Martin-Baker IRQ-7A ejection seats.

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