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HMS Hood colour profile - May 1941

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Here's my latest profile. I bit the bullet and drew up decent quality 4in QF HA twin mounts, Vickers 0.5in Quads, 2pdr PomPoms, search lights, Carley Floats, anchors etc as template drawings to help 'fit out' these profiles. They always take all the time and I never liked the simplified blocky shapes I did before so this one took a bit longer than usual.



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Small comments :) Suggest reading the link below:


See http://www.hmshood.com/hoodtoday/models/trumpeter/trumpeter200.htm


- I have the tip of the guns (main & secondaries) in hull colour in 1940-1941; sometimes there's a bag at the end (main guns) that is a bit lighter.

- HMS Hood's pompoms did not have conical flash suppressors

- Missing shield outline of the UP launcher on B-turret

- Missing double degaussing cable at bow and stern

- Bridge level railing replaced by splinter shield

- Position of all Carley floats not correct (for as sunk).

- HACS: wrong type (soit) but missing white stripe on back

- Various see-through errors




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