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Greetings peeps.

Does anyone know of a set of drawings for the above in 1/72? I need a scale 3 view at the bare minimum, details would be even better.



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18 minutes ago, Jure Miljevic said:

Hello bentwaters81tfw

Try the following link:


Drawings are in pdf vector graphic, with plenty of measurements included and even some stations marked, so scaling them up to 1/72 should not be a problem. Cheers


Most useful, many thanks.

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13 minutes ago, Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies said:

I have the Dash-7 Maintenance Training Manuals. If you PM me an email address I'll show you what sort of stuff is in them.

Anything for dash 8.....?

as he “borrows” the thread

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You to? I also want to attempt this eventually. I was going to hack up a Dash kit and build a new wing. I know there’s a bit of difference with the fuselage cross section. I’ll look at that link to. To bad the Dash 8 kits are becoming expensive. I’d like at least two examples. 

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