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HMS Bronington’s former glories decrepit and submerged in Birkenhead Docks

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Royal Navy: Calls to save historic 'last of the wooden walls' Ton-class warship HMS Bronington now submerged in Merseyside docks

SHE was captained by the Prince of Wales and visited by the Queen during a distinguished Royal Navy career that included important missions for the UK and Nato.




......Yet despite HMS Bronington’s former glories and service to the country in helping maintain peace during the turbulent Cold War era, she has suffered the ignominy of coming to rest destitute, decrepit and submerged in Birkenhead Docks, Merseyside, with little hope of being saved.




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This is one Royal Navy Ship that must be saved, she cannot be allowed to sit like this


Can anyone confirm a rumour I heard while I was at HMS Lochinvar, that a certain Captain of HMS Bronington was sea sick, because Ships biscuits didn't agree with him, someone knows the truth

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Desparetely sad to see her in such a reduced state. I went about Bronington at her previous moorings - River Weaver? Even in those days the deck leaked like a sieve because the caulking needed replacing and rain water was just pouring in. I think it was because the timber was allowed to become too dry and shrank whereas at sea it would have retained its humidity and would have been regularly swabbed. The guys who owned her then just didn't seem to have the manpower to do that sort of thing. So she leaked. In truth she'd be better undercover in a dry dock but maybe she's just too far gone? Very sad. What's more, in a dry dock under cover - probably best at somewhere like Chatham where the historic dockyard could provide everything - she wold stay in a very good state of preservation but out in the elements with minimal maintenance, no chance.  I was lucky at the same time to go aboard both Plymouth, Onyx and the U-534. Strange how only the latter in her parlous state is probably in better condition than the other two, which are both by now no more than razor blades! 

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