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recommendations for good quality brushes

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Just what the title says, I want some good quality fine brushes for detail work that are compatible with the lacquer type paints. Looking for 00 / 000 or finer (if they really exist). I want them to be able to retain their shape in terms of the hairs, and be resistant to the cleaning fluids required to remove the tougher paints. 


Many Amazon reviews quote handles falling off, hairs falling out during painting or splaying very easily, but I am aware that there are people out there that don't know how to take care of brushes, so trying to work out what is a real review is tricky





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A.S.Handover for all things brushes, I use mainly their Kolinsky sables. I was using one this morning that must be nigh on 40 years old.


Very high quality and they have a rough time with me using oils, enamels and lacquers.



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Winsor and Newton Sceptre Gold are my current favourite. I have a no 000, a no 0, a no 8 flat and an no 0 rigger and so far they have worked well with all my acrylics plus an occasional use with enamel. No bristles have come out yet but I managed to bend a few of the bristles out of shape on the no 0 by being clumsy. A quick dunk in very hot water then reshaping the bristles and dunking in very cold water seems to have sorted that out.

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