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KittyHawk Super Etendard 1/48

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Hello All,


This is the KittyHawk Super Etendard kit built completely OOB. Paints used are locally available acrylics. Masking was done using my Kiddoo's Play Dooh. Few inaccuracies if I am being nit picky, do check your references for the decals and what loadout you want to use. 


The decals are very nice except for the flap walk markings. They are to be used if you model the aircraft with flaps up. If you choose to put the flaps down then you will have to cut the decal and then use it. The instructions don't mention anything on this. The Exocet Missile Pylon provided is not tall enough so much so that the fins touch the wings and thus cant be used without proper modification to increase the clearance. The bow in doors on the intakes are shown to be installed from the outside. IMHO I would suggest to install these from inside - gives a better fit. 


Overall the kit is superb with excellent details and good weapon options. Except for the few things which I noticed as mentioned. 

Do Comment for me to improve upon anything. Please do Subscribe as I would be coming up with more such Builds. 


Enjoy The Pictures.. . .





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Looks excellent, especially the grubbiness on the wings. How did you achieve that? 
I built the KH SUE a couple of years ago. It’s not a bad kit, one of KHs better ones although like you say, there are some problems with instructions, and various small details. From memory of my research, I think I learnt if the flaps are down, the leading edge slats would be drooped as well, which KH completely missed . Really nice job though.



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