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This is the 5th time I have tried to post this topic so fingers crossed.


This is Canberra B2, WK121 of A&AEE, B Flight. The colour scheme was what attracted me to this airframe as I had not come across it before. WK121 was delivered to Bolton and Paul at Defford to be converted for Window dropping trials but after only a few sorties it suffered a major crash and was withdrawn for repairs. After re-entry  into service it was issued to RAE and then to A&AEE where it stayed for 13 years undertaking many and varied trials. Later in it's life it wore an even more unusual scheme of black with low viz markings.


The kit is what one would expect of a limited run, a nice kit but care is needed to get the best from it. The nose cone to house the glazing was a poor fit so I cut down the solid item from the box and used that instead as it was a better fit for some strange reason! As with all Canberra kits the all movable tailplane gap was missing so this was achieved by using micro saws to represent that elusive gap. The undersize tip tanks were replaced with Freightdog items as was the starter cartridges and the wrong style wheels, another common manufactures mistake.

Scratchbuilt items were the antenna on the vertical tail, the rail antenna under the bomb bay and the two aerial supports on the starboard front nose ( similar to T17).


Decals are home brew, Xtradecal and Freightdog. There are a couple left to fit, the A&AEE badge to the tail and an RAE badge to the nose, these are in the process of being made and will be added later. Also to fit are a coupe of PE items I have just realized I have missed.


Hope you like it.




















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I've never seen that scheme before and find it most attractive. Your model is excellent and one you can be very proud of.

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Trials aeroplanes often have really interesting color schemes, I am doing an ETPS provost at the moment (badly).  I have not seen this scheme before, you have done a really good job on it and the model.

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