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My contribution to this group build and the first one at BM, there's a time for everything.

It's the Mirage IV, not the only one in the field, in the most recent re box. 

The decals from the kit are nicely printed and in register, however they will not be used. Instead I will be using Syhart's decals from a 2005 special retirement livery. So, if someone needs a set, I can supply...

The Kit is nicely molded with exception of the nuke (which I won't use) and the pilots. I am considering a wheels up version so I need to think what to do with the pilots (improve or replace).

Details are not super refined as in the older kits but still it looks like a nice kit. Probably the spine will need some support but let's see.



50496211113_9fd6a67eb1_b.jpg20201005_093921 by Robert Mooijaart, on Flickr

50497075097_c541c2015b_b.jpg20201005_094024 by Robert Mooijaart, on Flickr

http://50496919466_50ed40cd25_b.jpg20201005_094200 by Robert Mooijaart, on Flickr


Well, it finally worked, although I am not happy with the link showing underneath. Anyone knows how to avoid that?


Anyhow, there's been some progress, pictures tonight.



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Welcome to the Heller Group Build! Firstly, a warning: GB's are very addictive!


There, that's out of the way, don't say you haven't been warned 😉 


I'm not an aircraft person but the Mirage is a popular choice and I've heard that you can never have enough of them. Good luck with the build!

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Hi @CYA, it would be great if you could find the time to start this nice build for your first GB.... I can hear that clock ticking, very faintly 😉 

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