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Hi,building scale models is something i've just got into after wanting to do it for a long time,just starting out on my second model. Something else that I would really like to have a go at sometime in the future is the restoration of metal models especially vehicles like tonka and things like that but i have absolutely no idea where to start in regards to getting spare parts etc. Anyone on here do that sort of thing? Like I said it's something for the future. Thanks.

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In the UK, a (probably THE) major supplier of spare reproduction parts is Steve Flowers, who runs the Model Supplies website. If you search for ‘Steve Flowers Model Supplies’ you’ll find it. The site is a bit old-fashioned (eg just lists of model numbers, very few pictures), but it’s fairly easy to check if he carries the parts for your intended model before committing to it. And obviously, eBay (or in the old days, a toy fair or jumble sale) to pickup a donor vehicle).

there are also parts suppliers in Netherlands and Australia, who you’ll probably come across soon enough.

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