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Anybody got any experience of using this stuff? I've had a bottle ten years and never opened it. Is it as adhesive as your regular poly cement, and can it be sanded when dry?



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1. its a PVA adhesive

2. no it cannot be sanded, at all, ever

3. Its best use is for attaching canopies.

4. it can be used to 'glaze' small windows or to fill in landing lights

5. it shrinks as it dries, and keeps on shrinking

6. its useful to have in the modelling armoury

7. once you open it it will start to set, to thicken, eventually when you've still got 98% of it left in the bottle it will be too thick to use

8. I've tried many liquids but I've not yet found anything that can thin this stuff to make the thickened useable again

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I would use G-S Hypo cement for canopies instead of Clearfix as it works really well and comes with a very tiny applicator for precision. It's used by others to fix/affix jewellery and watch glass so pretty robust too.




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