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Airfix 1/48 Buccaneer

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Finally finished this one, think it's taken around 6 months working on and off between house moves and work.

I know the stigma around this kit, but it's been one of my favourite builds. 


Kit of firsts for me, first full photo etch cockpit, using filler, using a gloss coat, vacform canopy and an enamel wash... need a lot more practice with the wash though.


Airfix 1/48 Buccanner S2/S2C kit used

Pavla ejection seats

Airwaves photo etch cockpit

Kit World decals 

Areoclub canopy

Scratch build bomb bay

Sprayed with Tamiya acrylics

Humbrol enamel black wash

Humbrol gloss varnish brushed on


Kit came without any clear parts, so no nav lights or screen between the navigator and pilot. 


Work in progress below


Picture time 




















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Fantastic result!


I drilled out the front landing gear bay front wall and inserted some steel nuts and superglue.... me too forgot to add weight before closing the fuselage...

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34 minutes ago, bar side said:

Nice.  Thinking about starting mine soon.  How is the airwaves cockpit etch?  And is she a tail sitter?  

Yeah I thought the etch set was pretty good. Looks the part to me once painted. 

Yup definitely a tail sitter, forgot to add weight to the nose . 

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Great result - not the easiest of kits to build.  Mine took nearly 15 years from start to finish.....  If I did another, I would assemble the outer top wing halves to the fuselage and try to get the best possible fit first and then add the bottom halves.  Love the cockpit and bomb bay!

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