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Thanks for the kind words on the shuttle build!


The Avian Monster is about 18 years old.  My wife and I hand raised him and an Congo African Grey from cute little hatchlings.  Today, they are spoiled rotten feathered thugs that must be obeyed at all times.  The Grey has a horrible potty mouth (picked that up from me) and started to pluck feathers about 8 years ago - she now has to wear a plastic cone (known as The Cone of Shame) to prevent further plucking - this has only increased her propensity for swearing.   Do not get one of these creatures, they are very difficult house pets - go to a zoo.  Much, much better. Trust me on this......


Here they are as adorable youngsters, about a year old.  Tricksters!  Soon they would take over every aspect of life in the house . . . .







Enslaved by Avians

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