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No, not the Marvel film, but the final stages of WW2 and a nod to VE Day - this is the FROG Grumman Avenger, first released 47 years ago, in 1973. This was a 1974 issue, and the decals are original, for Fleet Air Arm 857 Sqn of the British Pacific Fleet, embarked in HMS INDOMITABLE.




It is very similar to the Academy kit, albeit with raised panel lines instead of engraved.  Mine had warped somewhat in the box, particularly the starboard wing; I managed to fix it reasonably well, but the wings seem to have more dihedral than I think they should.  Whether this is the result of my fix, or the rather vague wing root joints, or perhaps a feature of the original kit, I'm not sure.




The markings are a little suspect as the fuselage roundel is a smaller version (they did change) and it still carries the Eastern Fleet tail flash. Perhaps it reflects the early days of the BPF.


Nevertheless, this is a reasonable kit that builds relatively easily, albeit that some planning ahead is needed in places and confirms that if you want a quick modelling fix, the older FROGs are still worth building!








And with my Academy build from a few years back.



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Hi Gengriz,


splendid duo of Avengers!

These Frog kits do scrub really well with a bit of TLC. Has the Academy Avenger got recessed panel lines?

Congrats on a beautiful build.



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Another great build Fred,  well done!


I remember having this kit, and giving it to my son's Playscheme - with a few others.

The kids built them during the morning.  Put transfers on after lunch. 

Air battles for the rest of the afternoon,  and proudly took them home when their parents collected.

Those kids are in their twenties now, and hopefully continuing our glorious hobby.

I've never actually built a Frog Avenger, but 3 Academys, 4 Airfix, and 1 Sword - time to look for another.


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Lovely looking Avengers, great work.   If I recall from the days of the Frog GB someone was building one and I am sure that the Academy  kit is the old Frog moulding with the panel lines engraved. I could be wrong though  I usually am according to SWMBO!!!


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