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Vintage Diorama (Please Help)

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Hello I'm hoping you folks can really help me out, as I am looking for an old 1/72 vacuum form diorama set from (???) in which it had fortified bunkers and trenches with a Pak-40 cannon and some other vehicles in it, sorry I can't recall sorry this goes back at least 30+years I thought the set was from Airfix, but it is probably from someone else like ECSI.

The roofs of the bunkers could be lifted off so you could adjust your models/soldiers from within the bunker as needed. I know the set has long been retired??? But I was hoping to get some detail images of it for a project I would to build upon, any help would be appreciated!

Cheers Mates!

Please see images here, thank you!




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I remember the 'kit' as a kid of about 8 or 9, so 1973-4?? Dark green plastic. In my mind it was Airfix, and I can't think of any other company it could have been back then, in the days of no internet, browsing on line and ordering stuff to be delivered by Amacon.


Just had a google and yes, Airfix  D-day coastal gun emplacement. 1/72nd.






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In the 70s/80s Bellona made the same type of vac-formed bases that Amera do now (I still have a few). If the models came with the base it would be helpful to know what they are.

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