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F-15 50th Anniversary STGB ... 27July 2022 - Sunday 30 Oct 2022


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        Well just go ahead and shoot me now. :mg: We have an F-14 Tomcat snd an F-16 Falcon STGB next year. We have an F-18 Hornet STGB looking for sign-ups. The nearest I can figure it the last F-15 Eagle build was in 2017. So we’re due up for another one I think. By the time it gets through and is running it will most likely be 2022, five years so who's game ? Besides Ive only built one and that was in 1988(very badly built by the way). Im adding a link to the Wiki page for possible ideas. 



1. Corsairfoxfouruncle - Host

2. vppelt68 

3. Cliffb 

4. Valkyrie 

5. RJ-WobblyHands

6. zebra

7. Jabba 

8. Romeo Alpha Yankee 


10. Col. 

11. desert falcon 

12. Ale85

12a. Anatol Pigwa 

14. FortyEighter 

15. DaveJL 

16. theplasticsurgeon 

17. stevej60

18. rafalbert 

19. dnl42 

20. Hockeyboy76

21. At Sea

22. Peter W

23. exdraken 

24. FG2Si 

25.🏴‍☠️ helios16v 

26. Ray B. 

27. Supertom 

28. Julien

29. Johnson

30. Marklo

31. Colin W

32. Evil_Toast_RSA 

33. Rob S 

34. Milo 

35. Navy Bird 















🔷🔷🔷Co-Host Needed.... Apply below. 🔷🔷🔷

The dates for this Build will be from 27 July 2022 through 30 October 2022. 27 July 1972 was the Eagle’s first flight this will be fifty years to the starting day. 

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I do have an Academy C MSIP II kit. The plane lacks props but I might try to build it anyway, and this could be the right place for it so please sign me in as #2, Dennis. V-P

EDIT: My kit has decals for the Oregon ANG and I´d use them. They are NOT the special eagle scheme, and I like it that way.

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5 hours ago, RJ-WobblyHands said:

Count me in  - it will be 2022 by the time I get to build my GWH 1/48 F-15E   - Lakenheath markings 'of course' :) 


4 hours ago, zebra said:

Count me in. Only ever built one F-15 - an Airfix kit a long time ago - and I've got the GWH F-15B/D in the stash.

Welcome aboard both.. With some great options as well. 

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1 hour ago, Corsairfoxfouruncle said:

Glad to help enlarge anybody’s stash of kits. Welcome aboard. 

Would dearly love to get my grubby hands on a kit with the ASAT missile but the Eagle is a worthy subject in its own right.

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  • Corsairfoxfouruncle changed the title to F-15 50th Anniversary STGB ... 27July 2022 - Sunday 30 Oct 2022

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