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I’m ready!

found this little gem where it’s been patiently waiting in my stash . Ready to go! (Once I have a few other builds done/underway!)

Heller Gloster Gladiator 1/72


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Missed this post, so good to have you onboard @Rafwaffe and delighted that you’re bringing Heller’s lovely Gladiator to this party. It’s a great kit and will come up a treat. 
Cheers and Welcome.. Dave 

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Missed this one, original catalogue number 153 when first released in 1978.


This was to my mind, the best 1/72nd Gladiator until the release of the Airfix one a few years back, it's still a good kit now.


Welcome and good luck with this one.

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Ouch you have reminded me that i started one of these as a present for a work colleague from Malta.

Yes it was going to be one of "Faith Hope or Charity" I know it never got finished which is a real shame.

Lovely kit though, so please ease my guilt and allow me to follow your build. 

Good luck.

Cheers Pat

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