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Superfabric Eduard Seatbelts in 72nd Scale


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Dear All,


No idea why Eduard has stopped making most of these in 72nd scale so wondered if anyone knows who may still stock some please as I think they are excellent?


Kind Regards



Ps. but they still include them in their Bf 110C 'Week-end' kit which seems rather odd

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Try AviationMegastore, they have got some e.g. https://www.aviationmegastore.com/detailset-seatbelts-raf-late-super-2x0-e73-026-eduard-8591437730261-seats-buckles-pedals/product/?action=prodinfo&art=124568


Go to advanced search, search for E73 in scale modelling, supplier Eduard and go to the seats, buckles and pedals section.


I use them for open cockpit builds and consider them matchless.






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Agree, very easy to use and give a very effective look. I've used them in 1/48 as well with good results.


I am sorry to see they have become difficult to get - hopefully Eduard change their mind and redo them.


Good luck with the hunt!

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I'd just get on Google if I were you.  It's really quite good :) IIRC Eduard still keep old stuff that's sold out on their website, so find the product code and get on Google :yes:


I'm gonna move this, as it's not specifically WWII in reality.

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