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1/72 - Boeing B-737-100 by Big Plane Kits (BPK) - released


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After the B-737-200 (link) and B-737-800 (link), here's at last the Big Plane Kits (BPK) 1/72nd Boeing B-737-100 - ref. 7201

Source: https://www.facebook.com/BigPlanesKits/posts/2810667222544336

Available here: https://bigplaneskits.com/shop/bigplaneskits/737-100-7201/


737-100 1/72 BigPlanesKits which we announced long ago has finally appeared. We have already started sending this model to our dealers. You can buy these models directly on our website or from our dealers soon. We are very grateful to you for purchasing our models.

box art













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