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Canadair CP-107 Argus conversion - help needed

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I have just received AIMS excellent CP-107 Argus resin conversion for the Mach II Britannia (a truly ghastly kit!). The conversion is beautifully done in resin and metal and should be spectacular when complete. I find, however, that I am terribly short on reference material for the Argus.  Would anyone have any good 3 or 5 view drawings of the Argus that they could share?

What I'm in need of is details (panel lines, door, bomb bay locations, etc.) for rescribing the Mach II components. (center fuselage, wings and tail).  This looks like a good winter project, and I'd like to do it justice.



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This is a great place to start, sadly no drawings but some of the photos, especially of the early ones in natural metal finish are very useful for showing panel line disposition, 



There is also the Warpaint No 125 Bristol Britannia Canadair CP-107 Argus & CC-106 Yukon book, it definitely features a Britannia three view drawing, but unsure about the Canadair spin-offs.


Good luck with the conversion kit, and look forward to seeing it built!  Love the Argus from when I used to see and hear them as a kid

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Good luck Colin,.... what a project! Have you tried any of the Canadian modelling sites? They love their Argus`s they do! 


I`ll be following this with great interest,..... you are a very, very brave man!



EDIT;   I dare say you`ve seen these rough plans?



I`m sure if you shout up on this thread somebody could help you out mate;


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Thanks everybody. I am told there are detailed drawings out there with the panel lines, access doors etc., but I have no clue where to look.

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