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Cessna O-2 Skymaster [1/48 ICM]


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Hi all


For this new build, I choosed a ICM kit of a little plane : the Cessna O2 Skymaster.

This plane was used by the US Air Force in Viet Nam War. It was popularised by the movie "BAT 21" with Gene Hackman and Dany Glover




This twin engine plane has the particularity having a push pull configuration with a engine in the front and an engine in the rear


The ICM kit has only 3 sprue : two in the grey plastic for the plane and one for the clear parts.


I start the build with the cockpit/engine

ICM give some instructions for the paint, but I preferred to follow the walk around given in this forum at this address :





The engine :


The engine is well detailled but we show nothing when it is in the fuselage.





The cockpit


The instrument pannel is very well engraved. I paint it in black with some button in red.

ICM choose a instereting approach for the instruments panels. It looks like in one part when you see on the decals sheet but all instruments is an individual decal. It is easy to set it but it spent more time that a "one decal instruments"





The radio rack.

The radio rack is little complex. It need to be paint seperatly before to glue some box. Unless that, your airbrush has the risk to didn't paint all the box.




Now I paint the interior

ICM propose to paint all the interieur in "interior green" but the walkaround show two green tone. I follow the walkaround and paint some part in interior green and some part in a dark green (I have in my stock an Tamiya JN green and use it)





An finaly a little pic with a global view of thep lane







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I progeressed.
The following step is to set all the parts in the fuselage.
My advince, try to fit it before the glue. The rear pannel and the floor of my model need to sand.


Now I must place the weight in this little fuselage.

The place is weak. I use the rear engine and the wheel bay for add little  lead rounds. I glue there with wood glue.

I use too the panel instrument for adding another lead rounds.

With this I can add 12 grammes of weight when the instruction give a 10 grammes weight.






Another great idea from ICM : the instructions give the dimension of canopy mask

A scan latter in my silhouette printer program, I have the canopy mask




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Awesome! I especially loved the look of dashboard and grey-white paint all over the plane. A fella had praised the kit, now I see how he is right.


Cant wait to see how ends up... :)

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